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Translating in the same field can capitalise on terminology already used

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Translation & linguistic services

We offer several types of language-related services:

  • Translation (written): documents, presentations, graphs & images
  • Sworn translation (or certified): documents required by official bodies
  • Graphic design: translation including layout features for commercial documentation
  • Localisation: translation & adaptation to web or software settings
  • Simultaneous interpretation (oral): conferences, meetings
  • Liaison interpretation (oral): meetings, industrial site visits

Translation – specialised in your industry. A team of translators, project managers, computer graphic designers and data entry operators delivers quality translations formatted as you wish. Our translators work into their mother tongues, with country linguistic variations, and are expert in technical and scientific terminology.
We work in the following languages, each group has a different rate:

  • Group A: English
  • Group B: French Spanish Italian Portuguese
  • Group C: Dutch German Swedish Danish Norwegian
  • Group D: Polish Hungarian Czech Serbian Slovak Slovenian Croatian Romanian Estonian Lithuanian Latvian Finnish Maltese
  • Group E: Arabic Chinese Vietnamese Turkish Greek Russian Ukrainian Bulgarian Thai Indonesian (Bahasa)

Certification – sworn translations Certification is required when we are asked to produce a translation for official purposes. We can certify documents in the majority of common languages in a few days. Read more

Graphic design: translation including layout features for commercial documentation. Translation from and into Indesign, WordPress or html (web) files.

Localisation Communicate with the country’s specifications Expanding into the world market now represents an excellent commercial opportunity. And yet, only by adapting your communication tools professionally to a language and local culture can you achieve new markets and optimise your turnover.

Our translations also take account linguistic variants (Spanish for Latin America or Spain, Castilian or Catalan, or conversely a “unique mixed” version of German targeting both Germans and Swiss).

  • some notions of a language do not exist in other languages or cultures
  • our own cultural references and markers are not always echoed in other cultures
  • symbols, images and colours can have different meanings from one culture to the next, with different interpretations
  • the style and focus of a text can vary from one language to the next (polished style versus direct style)
  • the units of measurement, monetary unit symbols, date formatting and other elements can also vary

Simultaneous interpretation
No more technical meetings where the interpreter failed to understand the message you were trying to get across which, through poor “interpretation”, missed the target – your customers! Our interpreters specialise in your sector, you can trust them completely for your meeting. Their expertise goes far beyond simply speaking several languages. They need good notions of communication and an ability to make ideas flow from one language to the other. Read more

Liaison interpretation
The expertise of our interpreters goes far beyond simply speaking several languages, the meetings you organise will be successful.

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