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Ms A.S. Market Probe
We have done business with Agrooh in past ten years, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the correct translation of questionnaires for interviews conducted in the agricultural business. Agrooh is our preferred partner as they deliver high-end quality translations of specialized terminology while maintaining the natural linguistic flow (highly important in interviewing).

In our experience they offer a wide range of languages … reasonable flexibility towards short deadlines and transparency in terms of costs.

Dr A. B. Manager Nuvistix (UK)
Over the past three or four years we have worked together by e-mail, telephone and occasionally in person in London and Basel, not only on multi-lingual translations, but also on the design and implementation of a complex new website. Agrooh is always very responsive to requests, and proactive and timely in delivering its services.

Ms A. L. Chief Editor – Cultivar magazine (France)
Cultivar Seed magazine has been working with Agrooh for many years… The translators master scientific translations and know the complex terminology of the seed industry. We also discuss the content of certain articles. It’s a real benefit for our magazine.

Mr E. G. PRP Technologies (France)
We have worked for 3 years with Agrooh and we regularly ask them translations in 4 or 5 languages.
This collaboration has made us appreciate the quality of the translations and their effort to adapt them to our specific needs like Flemish and Swiss-German localisation. Furthermore their rates which are easy to understand and their capability to collaborate on advertising baselines make them a precious partner for our international development.

Dr. S. Co-editor French edition of PROTA (Netherlands)
For nearly 10 years, the PROTA Foundation is doing serious translation business ..with AGROOH for its bilingual database on the plant resources of tropical Africa. The results can be judged from the PROTA web database ( and the PROTA book series, comprising thousands of bilingual pages of botanical / agricultural / horticultural / silvicultural texts. Our long-standing relationship with AGROOH is the best proof of our trust and satisfaction.

Ms A.L. (Germany)
Vielen Dank für Ihre gute und reibungslose Arbeit ..

Syngenta (worldwide)
So many people do just what they are asked to, and you are my greatest example of how to go beyond…
Thank you again for the work done, the quality and meeting such short deadlines.

Mr A.R. Marketing Certis Europe (France)
.. we have always been highly satisfied by the work Agrooh does, and, more important, our internal and external customers were so as well.

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