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Translation Memory Technology
This technology allows computer-assisted translation and use of extensive databases.
Agrooh’s Translation Memories represent years of terminological resources. As a translation is carried out, new “source-target” segments are added for a given language pair. Translators become more productive because the parts already translated are reused. The system can store not only words, but whole phrases or paragraphs (signatures, terms of settlement) for frequent use by a same customer, for the same business, or for a whole industrial sector of activity. Furthermore, during the translation, the TM proposes translations of words already encountered allowing the translator to use consistent terminology throughout the document.
The repeated parts and the improved productivity decrease the cost of translation and shorten the delivery deadlines.The benefits of the TM Technology used by Agrooh are numerous:

  • millions of multilingual data for your industry in our TMs,
  • translators who are capable of optimising them,
  • consistency and quality of the terminology used,
  • improved productivity, faster turnaround times,
  • cost reduction

Saving time and money..

Wordcounting software

Our wordcount software counts the exact amount of source text (words) to translate for several files at the same time. Our quotations are made within a few minutes for many languages at the same time and sent within the hour*.

Managium WorkFlow – Project management online

Managium WorkFlow is a private online server for document storage & exchange between our customers and our translators.

Each user has access to private disk space with a login & password provided by Agrooh.


* except for pdf files

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