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Agrooh is a translation agency to BioScience industries. Our expertise stems from a team of qualified professional translators with wide-scale technical translation experience in Plant health, Animal health and Human health. We also provide certified/sworn technical translations. Areas of translation expertise include:

  • Agriculture & horticulture: seeds, plant breeding, fertilisers, biostimulants, pesticides, biocides, agricultural machinery, growing media, biofuels, soil science..
  • Livestock breeding & pets: nutrition, animal health products, veterinary products, animal housing & equipment..
  • Food & food products: commodity trading, industrial processing, HSE, HACCP, food labels,..
  • Human health: clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical devices, PILs, RMP, pharmacovigilance..
  • Chemicals: agrochemicals, fine chemicals, patents..
  • Regulatory affairs: CLP Reach compliance, labelling, msds…
  • Biotechnology: genetic engineering, biotransformation, biosynthesis, fermentation, genomics

In 2050, there will be an estimated 9 billion people on this planet. How can we produce sufficient and quality food?

The agri-food industry is facing an important challenge over the next decades: food security on a global scale. Agrooh is the ideal linguistic service partner  to translate anything related to the agribusiness, mainly because most of our translators have a scientific background (agronomy, human & veterinary medicine, biotechnology etc).

Our translation processes are metrics-driven: they guarantee terminology consistency, allow for volume-related cost reductions and faster turnaround times. Any repeated content is likely to be recognised by our translation software tools  for previously done translations in the same industry, area or for the same customer. Working with the same content for a given customer also enables terminology consistency over brochures, websites, press releases and any other media-related communication material.

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