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Translation agency specialising in the Bioscience industries for more than 20 years. We are now a quality reference in this field.

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Agrooh translates the following related Bioscience industries

  • Agricultural supplies (seeds, fertilisers, agrochemicals, biostimulants, plant breeding etc.) and Farm Machinery & Equipment
  • Horticulture (plant breeding, ornamentals, fertigation, chemigation, crop protection, soilless plants, insurance, glasshouses…)
  • Bioscience, biotechnology, genomics, GLP, plant & animal science
  • Soil Science & Cropping schemes (plant breeding, arable cropping, horticulture, hydroponics, aquaculture, growing media)
  • Animal breeding, health & nutrition, pets, veterinary products
  • Food Chain (processing, HSE specifications & standards)
  • Natural resource management & sustainable agricultural practices
  • Human health & Medical devices, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals
  • Regulatory affairs, patents

Translations in these fields need highly qualified multiple-skilled translators assisted with sector-related terminology databases.

Agrooh translates the following:

  • Plant protection & biocide registration reports, ecotoxicological studies, Directive 91/414/EC & 98/8/EC
  • Chemical, medical & biocidal regulations  CLP Reach, RPB & RPC
  • Msds, pesticide labels for all European languages
  • HSE, HACCP, industrial pocessing, specifications, safety, manufacturing
  • Research contracts, third party licencing, patents
  • Pharmacovigilance, protocols, specifications
  • Product brochures, user manuals, technical sheets, press releases
  • Marketing & strategy presentations, market research, global brand screening, post-launch surveys
  • Documents, posters, presentations, flyers, graphs & images, advertising
  • Websites, software, e-learning tools, decision tools
  • Financial reports, annual reports, economical data

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